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Handouts & questionnaires for pain information & assessment (1st post)

For many years my work split fairly evenly between helping people with psychological difficulties and helping people with pain problems.  Quite a few people were troubled with both.  In the last several years I have done much less work with pain, although I still see some people for overall pain management.  This has been partly because I was trying to keep up-to-date with too many fields, so stepping back from pain work made sense.  It has also been partly because the flourishing of research into happiness & wellbeing has fascinated me and taken up time.  Here are a collection of pain-associated assessment and information sheets that I accumulated over the years.  They are obviously relevant for work with pain, and some (e.g. one year symptom diary) can be adapted for work with stress & psychological difficulties. 

IBS severity score & background - this is a scale that was used by Professor Whorwell and his research team in Manchester.

One year symptom diary & background - this one-year-to-a-sheet symptom diary can be used to track a variety of pain and other problems e.g. period symptoms, migraines, intermittent psychological difficulties, etc.  See too the 'background' suggestions for use sheet. 

Four day pain diary - Jensen's work suggests that 12 pain ratings - 3 daily for 4 days - is often a good way of balancing getting an adequate number or ratings with not burdening chronic pain sufferers (and clinicians) with unnecessary data collection.  This has probably been the pain diary I have used most frequently. 

One day pain diary - I occasionally have used this more fine-grained one day diary to look at hour to hour variations in pain.

One week pain diary - sometimes useful, for example if there seems a difference between weekend and weekday ratings.

Two week pain diary - I include this for completeness, but I probably used this two week diary least frequently over the years.

Pain diagrams, headfront & back - getting pain sufferers to draw/colour in where they feel pain or other unpleasant sensations e.g numbness, burning, etc, can be hugely useful in understanding and helping their difficulties.

Oswestry disability questionnaire - classic low back pain assessment questionnaire that's been around for many years.

Northwick Park neck questionnaire - neck pain questionnaire, somewhat of the Oswestry style.

Copenhagen neck questionnaire - good neck pain disability questionnaire.

Shoulder disability questionnaire - "as it says on the tin", a questionnaire to assess and monitor shoulder disability.

Knee painhip pain assessment forms and scoring - classic knee & hip pain/disability assessment questionnaires.

Low back pain, general information - I wrote this information sheet a good few years ago now, but it is still contains much that is of potential use.

Fear-avoidance & CBT approach for catastrophising - four Powerpoint slides on pain fear-avoidance loops and CBT approaches that may help.

Migraine & headache, general information - as with the low back pain information sheet (see above), I wrote this a number of years ago - but it still contains much that's of use.

Migraine & sleep hygiene - fascinating study showing major reductions in migraine duration & frequency by targeting sleep improvement.  Well worth considering!

Coping with persistent pain CD - this is a recording I made quite a while ago.  Again it still has some useful ideas on it.  It is marketed via the charity, the British Holistic Medical Association.


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