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“ The "real world" is a construct, and some peculiarities of scientific thought become more intelligible when this fact is recognized ... Einstein himself in 1926 told Heisenberg it was nonsense to found a theory on observable facts alone, saying "In reality the very opposite happens. It is theory which decides what we can observe." ” - D. O. Hebb

In my 'consulting room' I have two big magazine style racks on the wall. Each rack has eleven compartments, and each compartment contains 10 to 20 different A4 sheets of questionnaires, information leaflets, Powerpoint miniatures, and other handouts (300 to 400 in all).  I've listed compartments on the left.  Click on the different headings to gain access to downloadable compartment contents.

I have also included background details for training courses that I run - see folders listed on the left.  One is "Autogenic relaxation training" which gives details, handouts & MP3 recordings of an eight session relaxation/meditation/mindfulness course.  I ran this course for many years.  It has now been incorporated into a longer, broader course - the twelve session "Life skills for stress, health & wellbeing".  Also of interest for a more purely mindfulness-focused training, see "Using Williams & Penman's book 'Mindfulness: a practical guide' as a self-help resource - overview of 10 supporting blog posts".  The other regular course I facilitate myself is on "Interpersonal group work" and the link on the left gives handouts and a session by session description of a typical "Opening up" group.




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