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Psychotherapy with couples & other close relationships

Over the next two days I'm due to run a two day training workshop in Glasgow on "Psychotherapy with couples & other close relationships".  Here are the downloadable slides for the first day on "Working with couples(sadly with the cartoons removed for copyright reasons) and here the slides for the second day on "Close relationships".  There are lots of relevant handouts - here are the details.  Copies of these handouts are downloadable from the "Couples folder" in the "Good knowledgesection of this website. Also very much on topic for this workshop are the sequence of half a dozen or so blog posts starting with "Personal social networks (1st post): Dunbar's 5-15-50-150 model".

To give a flavour of what I plan to cover, below are the initial four slides for the first day of the workshop that focuses primarily on couples:


On the second day of the workshop, the aim is to shift to a broader look at close relationships ... and here are the first four slides for this second part of the seminar:


Interesting & important territories!


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