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10th February 2008

There's a helpful editorial in last month's American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (AJCN) - "Fruit and vegetables: think variety, go ahead, eat!" As with many journals, one doesn't have to pay anything to look at the full text of AJCN editorials. It's a good read. It comments on a paper in the journal by Myint et al showing a 42% reduction in stroke for those in the highest quartile...

7th February 2008

I spend about three hours weekly scanning medical and psychological journals on the internet. Typically I zoom through the article titles looking for anything relevant to stress, health & wellbeing. If something seems interesting, I read the article's abstract. I may well then download it to my bibliographic database - I use...

2nd February 2008

Here are details and links for a couple of dozen January articles that I found interesting. Most of these articles (and many others) are also listed on my searchable online Connotea database.

Adam, J. G., R. Rick, et al. (2008). "A Randomized Controlled Trial of D-Cycloserine Enhancement of Exposure Therapy...