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24th April 2008

The aim of this blog is to be helpful - for clients who come to see me, for fellow health professionals, and for other website visitors. It's pretty obvious that I may be able to offer something useful from my knowledge and experience of being a doctor and therapist for several decades. What's less obvious is whether writing about my personal life might be helpful.

This blog is...

19th April 2008

A GP friend recently asked me about taking folic acid supplements. He said that in a discussion about supplements with a knowledgeable medical colleague, he'd been told that "there is good evidence to show that we should all be taking ... folic acid." The friend apparently takes 800mcg/day.

This is an interesting issue and, as with much of medicine, the answer isn't cut and...

17th April 2008

Here are details and links for twenty seven mainly March articles that I found interesting. Most of these articles (and many others) are also listed on the searchable Connotea online database.

Alloy, L. B., L. Y. Abramson, et al. (2008). "Behavioral Approach System and Behavioral Inhibition System sensitivities and...