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Ways to happiness and life satisfaction

11th April 2008

On April 9 I wrote "On the fine Authentic Happiness website, Seligman and colleagues discuss three entwining roads to happiness and what they call "the full life". One of these three roads is maximising and appreciating positive emotions - very much the territory of savouring....

Savouring, mindfulness & flow

9th April 2008

In a post on 27 January I wrote about "savouring" - the appreciation of positive experiences. Savouring is, as it's name suggests, a sort of running the positive experience around in one's mouth, really tasting, valuing and enjoying it - a bit like slow, careful appreciation of a good wine....

Fish oil and depression – take at least 1 gm of EPA daily

26th March 2008

A recent study in the British Journal of Nutrition (Rogers, Appleton et al. 2008) throws doubt on the value of fish oil supplementation as a treatment for depression. The authors stated " ... while a majority of previous trials have focused on individuals with severe depression in clinical settings and have mostly administered high amounts of n-3 LCPUFA (n-3 long-chain, poly-unsaturated...