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Peer groups: Cumbria spring group - final day

11th May 2008

I wake feeling sadder this morning - partly because it's the last morning, partly because there are still feelings from yesterday hanging around. It's so interesting to notice the hugely different emotional spaces I move through over the intense four days of this kind of group meeting. Again a blessing and a learning over the years - to honour and work with what comes up, but not to be too...

Peer groups: Cumbria spring group - third full day

10th May 2008

Up, making time for a longer yoga practice this morning. Settle on Satie's piano music as a background CD. Sitting meditating with Catero. A plunge in the stream. Such a beautiful spring morning. Outside our bedroom window a wren is nesting and, on the other side, just outside our door a swallow flits in and out of its nest. As so often, particularly at this stage of a group, there is so much...

Peer groups: Cumbria spring group - second full day

9th May 2008

Woke a bit after 6.00am. Lay in bed for a while, then up, washed. How am I feeling today? How am I feeling about the group? How are we doing? A bit pregnant, maybe a bit stuck. But at this stage of the group it isn't unusual to feel something like this. We've been feeling our way in. There are so many analogies that I find helpful in orientating to this kind of work, this kind of experience....