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Some mindfulness resources on the internet

3rd September 2008

There was an interesting request on JISCmail (see note below), the listserv for BABCP cognitive-behavioural therapists, asking about podcasts on mindfulness.  Several people wrote in with useful suggestions.  These included:

I don't know if this is exactly what you are looking for, but you can...

Handouts & questionnaires for panic, agoraphobia & depersonalization

1st September 2008

I've been working on the 'Panic & depersonalization' handouts list in the Good Knowledge section of this website.  The list contains most of the handouts and questionnaires I currently use when working with people suffering from panic disorder, agoraphobia or depersonalization/ derealization disorder.  Here they are with brief descriptions: 


Nourishing self-esteem – second post

31st August 2008

In yesterday's post I discussed interesting research (Marigold, Holmes, & Ross, 2007) on boosting self-esteem by helping people allow appreciation in rather than dismissing it.  In these studies, the typical experimental instructions were: "Think of a time when your partner told you how much he/she liked something about you.  For example a personal quality or ability you have that he/...