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25th August 2008

I'm gradually adding content to the 'Good Knowledge' database.  I've just put in some information on agoraphobia.  It reads: 

The US DSM IV diagnostic system describes the "essential features" of agoraphobia in the following way: "There is intense fear of, or discomfort in, settings from which escape is difficult or embarrassing, or in which help (e.g. to alleviate a...

Relationships, self-esteem and health - second posting

17th August 2008

Looking at research like the studies by Stinson on self-esteem, relationships and illness (Stinson, Logel et al. 2008), it's easy to start to see self-esteem as a "the-more-the-better" quality.  It is true that higher self-esteem is robustly associated with higher levels of happiness, increased initiative and less tendency to depression and eating disorders.  As Baumeister and...