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Vitality project - measurement issues

                                   What gets measured, gets managed.   Peter Drucker

If one's going to put a good deal of effort into measuring and so better managing something, then it's important that what one is measuring is significant.  The earlier (and first) blog post in this series - Background & importance of a three month vitality projecthighlights several reasons why nourishing zest & vitality is likely to be very worthwhile.  So how can one measure one's level of zest/vitality and how track whether the things we do to try to increase this very important quality are actually helping or not?

Well, in psychology & health, self-assessment questionnaires are a convenient & very widely used approach.  And now, with the blossoming of wearable health focused technology (smart watches & so on), there is another fairly easily accessible monitoring approach available with these as well.

So first what self-assessment questionnaires might one use to track zest & vitality?


More to follow ...



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