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Compassion, wisdom & wellbeing training: the core message & five key principles



The "Compassion, wisdom & wellbeing: 8 week trainingis rich with information & ideas.  It is informed by a state-of-the-art, positive psychology overview of how we can flourish more fully as human beings.  Because there is so much good material here, at times we may become a bit disorientated.  It will probably help to understand that in many ways the core message is that living with a balance of "Spine" & "Heart", and trying to support others in doing the same, is central in building wellbeing wonderfully for ourselves, for those around us, and for the wider environment.   



And here are five key associated principles:

1.)  On this "journey" we're taking together (which may sometimes feel like an adventure & sometimes like a pilgrimage), we'll discuss many subjects.  We'll talk about maps, tools, working with different internal/external weather conditions, health, managing obstacles, gratitude, and relating to fellow travellers ... but it's still all about the journey. 

2.)  Fascinatingly, "Spine" and "Heart" are both the values that can be the foundation of our actions and also the needs that - when we meet them - will most deeply nourish us.

3.)  And this is both the journey of our lives, and the journey of each day.  As the Hasidic rabbi Susya said "When I get to heaven, they will not ask 'Why were you not Moses?'  They will ask 'Why were you not Susya?  Why did you not become what only you could become?'".  And, when asked about enlightenment, the Zen master Shunryu Suzuki replied "To reach the other shore with each step of the crossing is the way of true living".  Both touch truth.

4.)  It is often helpful to see this journey as involving three overlapping areas: Relationships, Work, and Health.

5.)  Self-determination theory (S-DT), with its understanding of key needs, intrinsic & extrinsic goals, and autonomous & controlled motivation, provides a very helpful 'master map'.



And remember, the core message is to live with Spine and Heart:




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