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Recent research: articles from summer/autumn journals

I read a lot of research.  When I find an article of particular interest I download it to my bibliographic database - Endnote - which currently contains well over 26,500 abstracts.  I also regularly tweet about emerging research, so following me on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ (click on the relevant icon at the top of this web page) will keep you up to speed with some of what I'm finding interesting. Additionally you can view this highlighted research by visiting Scoop.it (click on the "it!" icon at the top of the page).  At Scoop.it, I stream publications into five overlapping topic areas: Cognitive & General Psychotherapy, Depression, Compassion & Mindfulness, Healthy Living & Healthy Aging, and Positive Psychology. Here you can scan through abstracts, follow hyperlinks to the original research papers, and search by keyword (click on the funnel icon or in the tag cloud on the relevant Scoop.it topic pages).

Every few months or so, I also provide overviews of this research - sign up for the newsletter to receive this information regularly (see the link at the bottom of this page).  Clicking on the topic heading Cognitive & General Psychotherapy downloads a hyperlinked list of 48 abstracts.  So much useful, interesting material here ... for example Alfonsson's critique of supervision (see too the blog post "How can we make psychotherapy supervision more effective?"), Bandelow's somewhat surprising findings on anxiety treatment follow-up, Bennett-Levy's ground-breaking work on therapist 'personal practice', Clark's fascinating research on between therapy-centres outcome variance, Delgadillo on the value of feedback, Lucock on implementation intentions (such useful 'psychological technology'), and Yoon's intriguing meta-analysis on the association between depression & 'negative attitudes towards depressive affect'.

Click on Depression for an overlapping list of 34 relevant studies (this covers medication too).  These include Bedi on the potential value of hallucinogen-assisted psychotherapy, all three of Chiechio, Nasca & Veronese on the value of acetyl-l-carnitine, Furihata on a bugbear of mine ... healthy lifestyle & depressive risk,  Henssler's papers on antidepressants, and Zhao with another study showing benefits for depression from light, even if non-seasonal. The Compassion & Mindfulness download brings 23 abstracts ... Carnelley's exploration of secure attachment-priming for depression sufferers, Graser's overview of compassion/loving-kindness therapeutic interventions, Marcus's questioning of what might lie 'at the heart of (personality) darkness', Shepherd on spirituality's positive effects on empathy & generosity (but not mindfulness), and Wang's work on Tai Chi for fibromyalgia.

Clicking on Positive Psychology downloads abstracts & links to a further 22 papers, including Kumar on our underestimation of how much people appreciate being thanked, Kushlev on initial outcomes from the important ENHANCE study, Lam on the health benefits  of group memberships when retiring, and Layous on the wellbeing value of imagining that we have only limited time (which we do).   Finally there are another (partly overlapping) 35 abstracts in the Healthy Living & Healthy Aging section including Akerstedt on benefits of weekend 'catch-up sleep', Burton on 'no level of alcohol is good', Kashdan on the wellbeing benefits of sex, Lee on BMI & mortality, and Pereira Gray on the potential life & death importance of not chopping & changing too much with doctors we see.  Lots of helpful information.  Remember you can always search these & earlier studies using keywords on James's Scoop.it pages.


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