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Recent research: articles from autumn journals

I read a lot of research.  When I find an article of particular interest I download it to my bibliographic database - Endnote - which currently contains over 21,400 abstracts.  I also regularly tweet about emerging research, so following me on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ (click on the relevant icon at the top of this web page) will keep you up to speed with what I'm finding interesting.  Additionally you can view this highlighted research by visiting Scoop.it (click on the "it!" icon at the top of this page).  At Scoop.it, I stream publications into five overlapping topic areas: Cognitive & General Psychotherapy, Depression, Compassion & Mindfulness, Positive Psychology and Healthy Living.  Here you can scan through abstracts (and my comments), follow hyperlinks to the original research papers, and search by keyword (click on the funnel icon or in the tag cloud on the relevant Scoop.it topic pages).

Every month or two, I also provide overviews of this research - sign up for the newsletter to receive this information regularly (see the link at the bottom of this page).  Clicking on the topic heading - Cognitive & General Psychotherapy - downloads a hyperlinked PDF list of 30 good recent research studies, including 3 important papers on identification & effective treatment of depression in cancer sufferers, Sharma's meta-analysis on long-term outcome of OCD, and Morath's research on beneficial effects of psychotherapy on DNA integrity.  Click on Depression for an overlapping list of 30 relevant studies (this covers medication too), including Jiang's meta-analysis on depression/asthma comorbidity, Keyes's paper on the multiple psychiatric disorders that can follow the unexpected death of a loved one, and Rosenbaum's meta-analysis of exercise interventions for people with mental disorders.  The Compassion & Mindfulness link brings 16 recent abstracts. Begue reports a disturbing update on the famous Milgram obedience experiment, this time showing that high personality agreeableness & conscientiousness may make us more liable to collude with toxic authority.  Bergin-Cico's study highlights the importance of increasing mindfulness (more than increasing self-compassion) in treatment of anxiety, and Kaufmann's interesting paper shows that kindness is physically attractive!   Clicking on Positive Psychology downloads abstracts and links to 15 good recent papers including Brule on freedom and happiness, Hilbrecht on commute time & well-being, and Kruse on the mutually reinforcing upward spiral between gratitude & humility.  Finally, the Healthy Living link brings details of 30 articles. There's Bellavia on the toxic effects of processed meats, Joyal's study "What exactly is an unusual sexual fantasy?" and Crippa's happy meta-analysis showing clear mortality benefits from coffee drinking!

So much fascinating & helpful information here.  Remember you can always search these & earlier studies using keywords on James's Scoop.it pages.

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