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Handouts & questionnaires for assessing & building good relationship networks

Relationships are crucial.  They are crucial in promoting resilience to stress, and they are crucial in enhancing wellbeing and happiness.  Research suggests that all three of social support, social integration and (inversely) social conflict contribute to self-esteem and health.  The relationship questionnaire & scoring provides a helpful way of assessing these areas.

More time consuming (it typically takes over an hour to fill in) and, I find, more useful still is the personal community map .  This helps people see who is involved in their own relationship network.  The personal community map instructions explain how to fill the map in, and give helpful background information.  The third sheet of this series - personal community map questions - clarifies some of the strengths & weaknesses of someone's relationship network.  It can also pinpoint issues to address in further building relationships that promote health, stress resilience, and wellbeing.

The personal community map activities scale is a set of three quick questions that can help monitor week to week relationship involvement.  It links with the personal community map exercise above.

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