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Handouts and internet resources for healthy eating

Here are details of information leaflets and other excellent resources about food.  "We are what we eat" is bit over-simplified, but only a bit.  It's amazing how important what we eat and drink is for our psychological and physical health.  This site's blog posts  "New research shows diet's importance for preventing depression" and "Preventing cancer through life style choices" make this point well and also provide links with many other sources of information.  Searching the tag cloud brings up much recent relevant research and advice.  Try clicking, for example, on diet or the more specific fats, fruit and vegetables.  For additional information, note that the blog has a whole series of posts on the crucial importance of lifestyle choices, including how we use or abuse alcohol and see too the additional list of recommended websites and it's searchable tag cloud. 

There are a wealth of freely downloadable handouts about food available on the internet.  I like the series of over 50 leaflets produced by the British Dietetic Association including A healthy breakfast - the best start to your day; Fruit & vegetables - enjoy 5 a day!Healthy packed lunches; Healthy snacks; Whole grains - the way to go; Vegetarian diets - keeping a healthy balancePre-menstrual syndrome - can diet help?; Want to lose weight and keep it off ... ?; Irritable bowel syndrome and diet; Diet and depression; Food allergies and intolerances - what are they?; The truth about ... food allergy and food intolerance testing; Cholesterol facts; Fat - getting the balance right; Omega-3 fatty acids; Folic acid; and the topical Eat, drink and be healthy at Christmas - but visit the BDA site for another thirty to forty options.

There is also good advice from the British Nutrition FoundationHealthy eating: a whole diet approach, ideas for Healthy packed lunches, and Healthy eating for school-age children.

The "Mediterranean Diet" is one of the best supported approaches to healthy - and very enjoyable - eating.  The Mayo Clinic provides some practical advice at "Mediterranean diet: Choose this heart-healthy diet option" and "Blog: The new Mediterranean Diet Pyramid", while over at Amazon UK see a bunch of yummy cookbooks by searching on "Mediterranean cooking".

And for brief descriptions and links to another dozen excellent websites - including advice on weight loss, nutrition research updates, mercury/dioxins in fish, US websites, and more - visit James's recommended list on Delicious.


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