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Workshop on couple therapy: slides and handouts

A couple of days ago I ran a one day workshop on Couple Therapy for final year Counselling Psychology students at Glasgow's Caledonian University.  Although I've run many workshops over the years around relationship themes, this is the first time I've taught one specifically on Couple Therapy.  It's hard work building a full day workshop from the ground up.  I think the students were kind to me as I'd run a five day workshop for them on Group Work last November and so we knew each other a bit. 

You can download the 48 slides I put together in Powerpoint format (with cartoon illustrations removed for file size & copyright reasons).  You can also download the contents sheet of the 36 pages of handouts as a Word doc or as a PDF file.  All these handouts are available as full copies in the "Relationships, families, couples & psychosexualfolder in the "Good Knowledge" section of this website.  As they say - "Enjoy!"   

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