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Building on our strengths

A few months ago I wrote a series of three blog posts on the theme "New research suggests CBT depression treatment is more effective if we focus on strengths rather than weaknesses".

Possible points ... the series of studies that have suggested that a strength focus is more helpful (the original NIMH depression study, work on preference for CBT or IPT in those with avoidant attachment style (?), even work in positive psychology) ... studies on successful therapy showing a sandwich pattern in sessions with a focus on strengths, then problems, then strengths (parallels with mental contrasting here) and a study showing getting therapists to consider client strengths & resources for 10 minutes pre-session resulted in better outcomes ... the looking back on your life (in four quarters?) to identify & describe examples of resilience (possibly examples that link with current challenge) ... identifying a key value (or resource) and writing about it for maybe 10 minutes including a past example ... best possible futures exercise ... obstacles as challenges and learning opportunities (the Belgian research & again link with mental contrasting) ... process visualisation ... embodied cognition ... linking with attachment resources concretely (the STD study) ... implementation intentions ... skilful goal setting ...

More to follow ...

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