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Peer groups: Scottish Mixed Group – final morning

 The final morning of the group.  Still strong feelings settling from the evening before.  Caring for each other.  Re-strengthening the group "container".  We wobbled a good deal later on on Sunday, but I think everyone can feel good about "keeping the show on the road".  Potentially very helpful learning. 

And storm clouds pass - whether the clouds are outer or inner weather.  Warmth.  Lovely sharing and appreciation this morning.  Some expression of hurt & anger too - see the series of posts starting with "Conflict: not too much, not too little and how to make it constructive" for lots more on this.  These groups throw up so much experience that we can grow from.  It's too easy to simply leave bowled over by the experience and get straight back on with life.  Yalom's research findings were clear.  People who benefit most are likely to be those who both become deeply emotionally involved in the group process and who also take time to chew it over, try to understand what has happened, and especially maybe - the relevance to the life one is going home to.

Coming together.  The group coming together again so well.  Thanks.  Closeness.  Smiles.  Like the tide coming in, lifting us all.  And going home, carrying something special, changed.  And of course we revert, we go back to old patterns.  But something certainly is usually left.  Some change.  And over time, over a series of these group experiences, the shifts can become permanent.  Whether it's in our work as health professionals or with friends or with partners and children, these group experiences can be one of the most deep and effective ways of changing how we relate to others and to ourselves.   

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