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Two good psychology websites: BPS & handouts galore!

Here are a couple of good psychology websites that I've come across recently.  One is the British Psychological Society's Research Digest Blog with its tag line "Bringing you reports on the latest psychology research."  The site provides an almost daily, brief description of a particularly interesting recent psychology research paper.  Examples in November include "Performing horizontal eye movement exercises can boost your creativity", "How to increase altruism in toddlers", and "Facial emotional expressions are universal and culturally specific".  The site also provides "taster pages" from the monthly magazine "The Psychologist", a list advertising jobs for psychologists, links to a variety of other psychology websites, a whole variety of learning resources, and a bunch of other fun things like "What is the most important psychology experiment that's never been done?" and "What's the best psychology article from the last 3 years?"

The other psychology website I'd like to mention is the useful Therapy Worksheets resource.  This is posted by Los Angeles therapist Will Baum.  Basically what he does is find and recommend other websites that provide lists of psychotherapy/CBT handouts and questionnaires.  There are over 90 of these posts this year and they are arranged down the right side of the blog under headings like "Anger management", "Anxiety", "Bereavement", "Body Image", "Depression" and so on.  Worth glancing at - especially if you are a therapist looking for resources you can use with clients, but many of the handouts would also potentially be helpful if you're looking for advice for yourself.


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