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Handouts & questionnaires for alcohol use disorders

Here are a series of information and assessment handouts on alcohol.  For additional information, note that the blog has a whole series of posts on the crucial importance of lifestyle choices, including how we use or abuse alcohol

Alcohol disorder assessment - two question screen - this is a useful two question screen for alcohol problems.  Other options include the well-known four question CAGE.

Alcohol disorder assessment - AUDIT and scoring - this is the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) developed by the World Health Organization to help identify people whose alcohol consumption has become hazardous or harmful to their health.

Damage caused by alcohol - this one page handout highlights some of the worrying and significant damage caused by excessive alcohol use.

What is a unit of alcohol? - it is easy to be drinking more alcohol than one realizes.  This one page handout clarifies what a unit of alcohol is and how many units are likely to be in a number of commonly consumed drinks.

How to cut down on your drinking - this 6 page adapted World Health Organization guide to cutting down on drinking contains a whole series of useful suggestions.  For links to several other good alcohol-related sites click here.

Drinking diary - here is a simple one page, four week alcohol consumption diary form.

5 stages of change - this is a handout detailing Prochaska & Clemente's 5 stages of change (and 10 processes of change) model - useful as orientation when working to produce changes in health behaviours. 


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