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Psychedelic integration - another take on a lifelong challenge


"You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist."                                      Friedrich Nietzsche

"When I get to heaven, they will not ask me 'Why were you not Moses?'.  They will ask 'Why were you not Susya?  Why did you not become what only you could become?'"                    Susya, a Hasidic rabbi

There is so much being written about psychedelics at the moment, and some of this material addresses the question of how people can best integrate these potentially very powerful experiences.  I'd like to consider this huge question as well.  How can I have this kind of immense experience and then try to 'dig' it into the soil of my life to help fresh flowers, insights, actions flow?

See too these psychedelic writings on the Good Knowledge section of this website for more about this subject generally ... and also the more specialised Psychedelic Health Professionals site that I'm involved with.  As a quick starter, I think good integration often overlaps with other forms of life and wellbeing enhancement ... see the Living Well course that I put together as a potentially helpful way into this area. 

We might consider taking psychedelics for a whole mix of sometimes overlapping reasons ... for example, curiosity, fun, inner exploration, self-development, personal therapy, shared experience, relationship enhancement, opening to art or nature, and so on.  When I'm helping someone prepare for a psychedelic journey ... or when I'm preparing for one myself ... I usually encourage both having a personally chosen intention and, at the same time, being open to the possibility that I'll experience lessons/insights that weren't at all expected.  Deep psychedelic experiences are nearly always major learning opportunities.

For example, of the various substances that we could classify as psychedelics - classical psychedelics, dissociatives, empathogens/entactogens and unique substances - currently the one best supported for therapeutic use by a series of research studies is the use of MDMA-enhanced psychotherapy for posttraumatic stress problems.  


More to follow ...



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