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Walking retreat - first reflection

5th May 2008

First thing on Monday morning. How delicious, warm, beautiful to spend last night in our own bed with darling Catero. Bliss. My body softens and settles.

So how was that four nights camping in the mountains and climbing the nine Munros? I drove north thinking of adventure, connection and mindfulness. Did I find them? Did I live them? I guess like most of life, the answer is...

Third day of the "walking retreat"

3rd May 2008

Saturday morning, the Frigate Café, Ullapool. This is a great cafe. Catero (my wife), Kieran (my son) and I were here last autumn when we came up for a long weekend. Kierie, who's in his 20's, and I climbed two Munros, Conival and Ben More Assynt in quite high winds. I remember him up at the top saying something like "What do you do this for, Dad?". I guess it's something I...

Second day of the "walking retreat"

2nd May 2008

Friday morning - I wake at about 5.00am and lie for 15 minutes or so listening to the weather and doing a savouring exercise for the past, the present, and the future. The past: remembering yesterday, the two deer, the white-splashed ptarmigan flying so fast along the contour of the hill, the curve of the ridge...