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Peer groups: Cumbria spring group - second reflection

13th May 2008

There's a huge amount more I could reflect on about the group.  I'll keep it here, though, to just a final set of thoughts about the overlapping field of group therapy.  These peer groups are about all kinds of things - friendship, wellbeing, ‘retreat', fun - and they are also about work on ourselves that is in significant ways ‘therapeutic'.  Group therapy is effective.  The "Group...

Peer groups: Cumbria spring group - first reflection

12th May 2008

Why are these groups often so great, so welcome, so precious?  Real life is very rich - theories only capture aspects of this richness.  However a theory, that I like a lot, highlights one reason why these peer groups are so important.  The theory is Self-Determination Theory (SDT).  It has evolved for over three decades.  The SDT website (see below) is a treasure trove of information about...

Peer groups: Cumbria spring group - final day

11th May 2008

I wake feeling sadder this morning - partly because it's the last morning, partly because there are still feelings from yesterday hanging around. It's so interesting to notice the hugely different emotional spaces I move through over the intense four days of this kind of group meeting. Again a blessing and a learning over the years - to honour and work with what comes up, but not to be too...